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State Laws To Keep You Safe

Every state has a variety of different laws, rules and regulations designed to keep you safe. This includes requirements for your auto insurance, levels for blood alcohol on a DUI and even about the requirements for the car that you drive. You need to know the details of your state to avoid problems.

It all starts with auto insurance. You may have to keep a higher level of liability insurance on your vehicle in one state than in other states. You may also need uninsured motorist insurance and much more. If you are found without auto insurance, you could end up with a wide array of fines and other penalties against you.

Contact an insurance company in your state to get a policy. They will help you to get the right policy, meeting all of the state requirements. This will keep you protected and avoid fines if you are ever pulled over by law enforcement.

Find out about all of the other laws within your state as well. You need to know about the speed limits on the different roads, whether you need to have your lights on when your windshield wipers are going and even whether you're allowed to talk on a cellphone or not. You should also review what the BAC level is for a DUI.

While you should never drink and then get behind the wheel of a car, the BAC or blood alcohol content is something to know. Every state is different. If you live in a state where it's especially low, it may not be a good idea to have a glass of wine when you go out for dinner if you know you're driving.

Other auto bills and laws will have to do with your vehicle. You may need such things as emissions tests performed on your vehicle. California and New York are among the top states that have a lot of bills on what your car can and cannot have. Before you move into a state and buy or bring a vehicle with you, it's important to make sure it's legal on the roads.

Since every state is a little different, it's your responsibility as a drive to know what the rules are in the state you live in. If you plan on driving to another state for business or pleasure, you should review the rules there as well.

By understanding the bills and rules, you can avoid a lot of problems. You will be able to keep yourself safer on the roads and stay out of trouble with the law enforcement officers that are always out on the road.

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